• Traditional Ice Cream Bike

    Traditional Ice Cream Bike

    This is the company’s flagship business on a bike! It is made to the highest specification, maintaining the traditional style of years gone by, yet incorporating modern reliable technology.

  • Sweetie Bike

    Sweetie Bike

    The Sweetie Bike contains 15 jars that can hold up to 2 Litres of sweets in each jar!! With 15 different flavours on offer the Sweetie Bike definitely creates attention whilst having the advantage to be able to move around the occasion!

  • Promo Bike

    Promo Bike

    Designed to suit any promotional or sampling campaign this bike can store a lot of goodies all ready to be distributed in whichever location you decide!

  • Soup Bike

    Soup Bike

    The Soup Bike is designed to allow your bike to go out to trade all year round. It has 2 Soup Kettles integrated into the unit that allow for 10 Litres of Soup each!

  • Traders Bike

    Traders Bike

    With 4 Large baskets and storage space underneath the Traders Bike offers an alternative to cold products as you can vend anything from pastries to kids toys!

  • Candy Floss Bike

    Candy Floss Bike

    We are working on the candy floss bike now, contact us for more information.

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