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Traditional Ice Cream Bikes, Tricycles and Trading Bikes available in the UK and Europe today

Business On Bikes is the manufacturer of the highest quality, professional eco-friendly

The Traditional Ice Cream Bike is the company’s flagship business on a bike! It is made to the highest specification, maintaining the traditional style of years gone by, yet incorporating modern reliable technology. Our tricycle is an absolute winner and will see a return on investment in record time. With stunning graphics and an eco-friendly carbon footprint, this ice cream tricycle will take pride of place wherever it goes, causing people to stop, smile and spend money…

The whole design is based on the classic 1940’s and 50’s “Stop Me and Buy One!” tricycles, everything does a full circle and some 60 years on, these incredible bikes are back in fashion and making a serious income.

Business On Bikes pride themselves on producing a complete package, everything you need to get to work, all you need to do is find a good location and buy the ice creams.

Ice cream bike freezerThe Traditional Ice Cream bike boasts the highest specification and is hand crafted in the UK.

The freezer unit is manufactured to our specification and is a top of the range commercial unit, standard 240v with two glass-sliding lids and fully insulated top lids to ensure maximum trading hours. The lids on our tricycles also come with locks as standard, keeping your stock secure if left unattended. Simply plug in the unit overnight, un-plug the next day and away you go, then just plug it back in on your return, ready for the next days trading, no need to empty each day and move heavy freezer plates.

The internal measurement of the refrigerated unit is 76cms long, 43cms wide, 40cms deep and will easily carry a good days stock. It also comes with a full years warranty for manufacturing faults and should provide you with many years of successful trading.

Also included in the price is a classic wicker basket on the rear rack, a beautiful easy-up parasol available in Terracotta, Forest Green or Navy Blue and high quality traditional ice cream graphics on the freezer unit.

If you would like more information about any of our Ice cream tricycles and bikes, please feel free to get in touch through our dedicated contact page.

Traditional Ice Cream Bike

IP Reg. Design - Pat. Pend.

Ice cream bike with parasoltricycle for ice creamUsual Price £2995.00 + vat

Sale Price £1995.00 + vat

01204 322491

- Massive Savings - Strictly Limited Offer -

We are proud to supply the complete Traditional Ice Cream Bike ready to trade
and at a sensible price you can afford with No Hidden Extras!

Ice Cream Bike Specification

  • Ice Cream Freezer
  • Insulated Lids & Locks
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Twin Front Drum Brakes
  • Full Mudguards
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Carrier Rack
  • Sprung Saddle
  • Quality Parasol
  • Standard Vinyl Graphics
  • 3 Speed Shimano Gears
  • Parking Brake
  • Full Chain Cover
  • Wheel Reflectors
  • Wicker Basket
  • Parasol Bracket
  • All included in the price


Collection from Bolton, Greater Manchester is welcomed or we can deliver to Mainland UK with our courier for a cost of £170.00 which is what we pay. The Traditional Ice Cream Bike or Tricycle is delivered on a large double pallet fully assembled.

Traders Bike Now Available

Our tricycles don’t have to just revolve around cold things!! We now have a new range of confectionary tricycles available for individuals and attractions to be mobile and sell confectionary or other small items to the passing public! With 4 Large baskets and storage space underneath the Traders Bike offers 4 branding panels to help boost your visibility and hopefully sales!

Ice cream bike with parasoltricycle for ice creamUsual Price £2499.00 + vat

Sale Price £1499.00 + vat

01204 322491

- Massive Savings - Strictly Limited Offer -

We are proud to supply the complete Traders Bike ready to trade
and at a sensible price you can afford with No Hidden Extras!

Business On Bikes can make any type of bike so just get in touch to find out more.

Where to trade?

Listed below are just a few venues worth considering when trading:

Beaches, Parks, Shopping Centres, Cafés, Restaurants, Fetes, Car Boot Sales, Markets, Fairs, Schools, Garden Centres, Carnivals, Steam Rally, Concerts, Town Centres, Weddings, Pub Gardens, Birthdays, Airports, Train Stations, Private Hire or Any Indoor or Outdoor Event….

Takings of around £500 to £600 per day is not unusual. Please see our FAQ’s for some more useful information.

ice cream bike handwashThe only extra item you may need is our Hand Wash unit. This will only be necessary if you are planning on serving soft scoop ice cream as Environmental Health Officers may insist, depending which borough you are trading in. The Hand Wash unit is entirely self-contained with a very neat fold down sink, fits securely to the bike rack and will keep water warm for up to 6 hours depending on the temperature of the preheated hot water. Its unique design retains all the dirty water, which can be emptied when the hot water is replenished. The Hand Wash unit comes complete with a pair of beautiful wicker pannier baskets, hand wash bracket and fixings. All this for only £299.00

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