Type of Events for Ice Cream Bikes

Ice cream bikes from Business on Bikes offer a unique, eco-friendly, and engaging way to serve delicious treats at various events. These bikes add a charming touch, drawing in crowds while serving up smiles along with scoops of ice cream. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private celebration, or a public gathering, an ice cream bike can transform the occasion. Here are some ideal events where ice cream bikes can truly shine.


Add a whimsical and delightful element to your wedding with an ice cream bike. Positioned elegantly during the reception or as a surprise treat post-ceremony, ice cream bikes can be adorned to match your theme, serving as both a dessert option and a decorative feature. It’s a sweet way to create memorable moments for you and your guests.

Corporate Events

From team building days to company picnics and corporate celebrations, ice cream bikes offer a unique way to break the ice and encourage networking among colleagues. Custom branding options can transform the bike into a promotional tool, showcasing your company logo while serving ice cream.

Festivals and Fairs

At outdoor gatherings such as music festivals, fairs, and community events, ice cream bikes can navigate easily through crowds, offering refreshing treats to attendees. Their mobility allows them to be positioned in optimal locations throughout the event, adapting to foot traffic and peak times.

Birthday Parties and Private Celebrations

For a birthday party, family reunion, or any private gathering, an ice cream bike brings a fun and interactive element to the festivities. It’s a hit among guests of all ages, offering a variety of flavours to cater to everyone’s taste preferences.

Sporting Events

At local sporting events, marathons, or charity runs, an ice cream bike can provide a much-needed cool down for participants and spectators alike. It’s a refreshing way to celebrate achievements or simply enjoy the day’s activities.

Educational Institutions

School fairs, university open days, and educational festivals can be enhanced with the presence of an ice cream bike. It’s a delightful way to attract attendees, offer a treat, and create a relaxed atmosphere for learning and engagement.

Markets and Pop-Up Events

Ice cream bikes excel in the flexible, dynamic environment of markets and pop-up events. They can move to where the action is, providing artisan or classic ice cream options to shoppers and event-goers.

Beaches and Parks

On hot summer days, ice cream bikes serve as a welcome oasis in beaches, parks, and recreational areas. Their ability to go where traditional ice cream trucks can’t means you can offer refreshments right at the water’s edge or amidst a scenic park.


Ice cream bikes from Business on Bikes are not just about serving ice cream; they’re about creating experiences, drawing crowds, and adding a touch of joy to any event. Versatile, eco-friendly, and always a hit, these bikes can elevate your event, making it memorable for all the right reasons. Whether it’s adding a nostalgic charm to a wedding or offering a cool treat at a festival, ice cream bikes bring smiles, one scoop at a time.